The Rise of Mobile 3.0 [Infographic]

The MEF Global Consumer Survey vividly illuminates the emergence of the next phase in the evolution of mobile content & commerce: Mobile 3.0. depicted in our latest Infographic, based on the data of 10,000 mobile media consumers from across 13 countries in both developed and growth markets, making it one of the most comprehensive mobile studies available.

The_Rise_of_Mobile3.0_01 The_Rise_of_Mobile3.0_02 The_Rise_of_Mobile3.0_03 The_Rise_of_Mobile3.0_04

Register now for the free webinar discussing the findings of the global consumer study in depth, as well as industry predictions for mobile in 2014. Moderated by MEF, international speakers include analysts and journalists from App Annie, The Nielsen Group, Mobile Money Revolution and Mobile Time Brazil.

Date: 14th January 2014, 1PM GMT

The full MEF Global Consumer Survey 2013 report is available free for members. Non-members can download the free executive summary  or purchase the full report.


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